Actually, Alicia is on break

While off at the ever-lovely Knox, I have severely neglected this blog. Mostly, this can be attributed to the fact that I have been neglecting my creative writing as well. Also, I am lazy.

Anyhoo, my infinitely adorable suitemate (but not friend) Maddie and I have decided to join forces over the course of our six week-long winter break and joint-blog about it. I'll be baking the heck out of every cookbook I can get my hands on, and she'll be trying on a boat-ton of clothes and perusing the internets for her fashionable pleasure. I'll also attempt to get back into my creative writing, but I've picked up the habit of knitting recently, and, well, typing is pretty difficult when your fingers are clutching a bunch of yarn.

So, join me over at the aptly-named Six Weeks of Break. It'll definitely be worth your while.