Taking Inspiration

I can see you.
Yeah, you.

But I can't hear you
from way over there.

You should come closer.

I know why you're here.
Oh, yeah, I know alright.
So, get started.
Hop to it.
Don't just stand over there,
all alone,
waiting for me to come
and bring you here

I can't do it
by myself.
I can't do this
by myself.

You should come closer.

This isn't the first time,
or mine.
We've both been here
and it's turned out alright.
It'll all be okay.

You can come closer.

I've been so patient,
waiting for you
to return.
You're such a quiet,
self-conscious thing,
rarely speaking above
a whisper.

You must come closer.

That's it.
Just a little further.
You're almost there.

was that so hard?

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