Typewriters shall rule once more

I really miss typewriters. When I was younger, I would always beg my great-aunt to let me use her typewriter for no reason other than that typewriters are awesome.

There is really something unique and special about putting a piece of paper in a typewriter, centering it, and letting your thoughts to be poked into inky permanency. I feel this surge of unidentifiable emotion knowing that I cannot simply press "Backspace" to erase my mistakes, that every letter is eternally present once I press its respective key. Sitting at a computer, jabbing at a keyboard as virtual script appears backlit in front of you, quite easily destroyed with the wrong sequence of keystrokes, feels impersonal and fake, like a faceless anyone could be writing this memoir to a fantastic science teacher, or recounting that one stormy night at camp. The non-electric typewriter is also a mechanical wonder, metal bits and pieces all screwed together to work in glorious technical harmony: press a button and a bar immediately flies up to smack language onto your piece of paper. There is no need for specification of font or font size on a typewriter; everything is uniform, allowing a reader to judge the literature for its composition, not its presentation. Society needs to bring back the typewriter, if not for everyone then at least for those appreciative souls who forever pine for the simplicity and classic beauty of the original industrial thought translator.

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